Product Development

As a successor in making breakthroughs for developing vitamin B series as dietary supplement in Japan, we have since developed a number of vitamin and mineral supplements, beauty and health care products, and immunized antibody products.

Our Product Development professionals engage in brisk development activities to address the needs of low birthrate and an aging population. Included in the activities are group interviews and monitor surveys conducted on consumers of multi-generation to explore their “hidden needs for something new”. The niche, once determined, is reflected in designing product concept, constituents, formulas & specifications, and dosage among others.

After the designing is completed, full-fledged monitor surveys are conducted again to assure practicability including efficacy and user-friendliness of the product.

Merchandising of the product as functional food comes after the wide range of product development activities involving a lot of women experts who are well experienced in beauty, healthcare and diet products.

Thus, Product Development is playing a highly important role in the whole system of our organization.