Direct Markketing

In an attempt to have our developmental skill contribute to consumers' health directly, we launched direct marketing business in December 2004. Our own brand products including Lifeware, ORTHO Collagen 100 and ORTHO Fermented Black Garlic Maca are marketed directly to consumers.

Top Priority on Safety Assurance

In order to ensure the safety and security of the product, a variety of monitor tests and experiments are conducted as pre-market screening while an internal audit committee carefully reviews the product as post-marketing surveillance. A feedback directly from consumers with comments like "I'm glad I tried your product" or "It's good that I kept taking your product" makes us convinced that our direct marketing business is contributing to candid communications with our customers about health benefits of our products and services.

Own Brand Product

・ Lifeware (multivitamin & mineral tablet)
・ ORTHO Fermented Black Garlic Maca (capsule)
・ ORTHO Acai Berry・ai (capsule)
・ ORTHO Acai 500ml (drink)
・ ORTHO Acai 50ml (drink)
・ ORTHO Glucosamine (tablet)
・ ORTHO Collagen 10000 (drink)
・ ORTHO Collagen 100 (powder in sachet)
・ ORTHO Hyaluronan (tablet)