As a provider of "total solution for health food"

Our primary business lies in planning and development of health food. Since establishment, we have been specialized in R&D and product development for creating a new market for new health food.
In addition to the mainstay of product development, we have also provided services of production management, marketing, and scientific aspects covering regulative and compliance issues and have earned high evaluation in the industry.

Through extensive market researches and taste testing with consumer monitors, we have always outdone ourselves in introducing a new market for novel products.

Business of OEM

We at Ortho have a 30-year experience in the business of OEM specialized in health food and dietary supplement.

Let us be a developer and manufacturer for your health food. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs that include designing, developing, as well as conducting researches on nutrition, scientific evidence, and safety that are subject to regulatory requirement.

Long history in OEM

Our OEM business started in 1980s when we helped a major pharmaceutical manufacturer expand into supplement line by developing their products under their own brand name. In following years, a number of novel products were originated with us for a variety of clients including alternative diet food with low calorie and high nutrients, and immunized milk & eggs. Furthermore, our technological expertise has expanded to developing new line of diet food including soup, risotto and pasta as well as baked goods.

Spectrum of our OEM products

Not only as a developer and manufacturer, but our services encompass a spectrum ranging from managing use-by date and quality assurance to advising on complicated regulatory requirement such as the Pharmaceutical Law and Food Sanitation Law as well as the Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) so that our client can be committed to selling activities.